Browser-based Softphone

Do away with physical handsets. Presenting Babelphone, Ireland’s first virtual phone, allowing you to make calls directly from within a web-browser.

Good news for modern businesses everywhere; you can dump the handset and uninstall all those softphones. With our cloud-based phone, you can now make and receive all your landline calls from within your web-browser, courtesy of the Babelphone from

Babelphone is entirely cloud-based and requires no set-up or software to run. All you need is a VoIP number and the URL which we provide when you sign up with

Custom-built by our development team, Babelphone simplifies how the Wicklow-based company’s customers make and receive phone calls.  Large companies have frequently requested a cloud-based phone that can be accessed by their staff from anywhere, without the need for download and configuration.  The result is the Babelphone, which can be accessed via a simple URL, to quickly and conveniently make and receive calls through a web browser. All calls are encrypted within Goldfish’s network.

Reduce costs and work smarter

We aim to develop our technology to fit changing work practices. Many of our customers no longer use handsets and are moving towards a fully cloud-based telecoms solution, while others want to implement hot-desking, to streamline their working practices and save on office costs.

The problem with traditional softphones is that they need to be configured individually, which in turn means that making changes can become a challenge because they are desktop-based. Now, with Babelphone, our customers can access their phones through any web-browser on any machine, via a simple login, so their staff can begin making calls within a few seconds.

As with all bespoke technology that we develop, Babelphone is available to all our customers.

Do you run a call centre?

Babelphone is fully incorporated into Quvu, Goldfish’s call centre management software. In a fast-paced environment such as a call centre, you need to know that the equipment you’re using is up to the task. With Babelphone you’ll never have to worry.

Specifically designed with call centres in mind, Babelphone reduces the complexity of managing multiple devices and softphone configurations, allowing you to focus on managing your employees’ performance. Features like Auto-Answer and Audio Visualisations only add to the attractiveness of using Babelphone for your call centre setup.